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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jacob {Galena / Sunbury Senior Photographer}

I never thought of taking senior portraits, until J. I had never met him, but knew he was a senior, knew his mother, and decided to venture out of my comfort zone (of munchkins). I called her up out of the blue, and low and behold, she was in the process of trying to get something scheduled. This young man is amazing and I really had a lot of fun with him. He was very open to suggestions, was patient with my "let's get one more shot" or "let's try this", and I loved how he wasn't "too shy" in front of the camera. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I think I'll reach out to more seniors next year. It's fun taking pictures of all ages. Each has there own challenges and I'm still trying my niche.

I learned so much through this shoot. Don't forget about the feet, shadows, shadows, shadows - especially when shooting by a tree; play around with different exposures; and much more, as I know I'll continue to learn from each session.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brothers {Powell Children's Photographer}

not two, not three, but FOUR. These four brothers were my first clients that I had never actually met. I was so nervous. FOUR boys. FOUR boys I didn't know. Four girls wouldn't have made me half as nervous, girls LOVE getting their picture taken, typically love to impress, and no offense to any boy, but boys LOVE to, you know, be boys. I know, I have two myself plus 11 nephews.

Needless to say, I had SO much fun on this shoot! I loved how they were themselves, continuously messed with one another, and how I was able to capture THEM. These boys were so respectful, so fun to play around with, and so willing to smile for the camera. It was a little awkward at first, but once we connected we had fun. The whole while I edited their photos, I smiled. Every time I see their pictures, I smile. cuteness x4.

LOVE it.

It was hard for me to choose my favorites, but here are a select few (or a few more than a few).

 Thank you boys for such a wonderful time!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

sweetness / columbus area children's photographer

let me set up this scene. i learned so much from this experience alone. it was my first time shooting a toddler/infant together. first in-home shoot where i had no clue what the lighting was like besides talking to mom on the phone. great windows for incoming light, but overcast day and i shoot strictly in natural light. here's what i learned:
  • practice more with shutter speed (a must when shooting any on-the-go toddler)
  • talk to mom/dad about if they mind moving around some things for more shooting flexibility.
  • slow down and the camera doesn't always need to be clicking away (nervousness?)
  • didn't have enough "stuff" to entertain toddler - bring more fun toys because every little one loves what you have more than what they have.
  • move, move, move. i should've shot more shots from more positions, because once i got home, i realized some of my best shots were when i was standing behind the couch and i felt i needed to be down on the floor with the kids the whole time. i should've stood back and watched from behind the scenes and i would've captured more natural play with their faces better lit by what light was coming through the window.
  • practice with backlight
  • sometimes drool on the face is ok (fourth picture down). i kept wondering if i should photoshop out the drool or not, but in the end figured, that's what babies do, they drool.

i had the hardest time getting a good shot of the two together. i loved how the older cutie was so into the iTouch and being behind my camera instead of in front of it. hence the reasoning of the iTouch in so many of the shots - again though, natural is best and to me, these are moments the parents can reflect back on and smile at the thought.

(the second picture down is my first play around with textures)

my first play with textures.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

irish dancer / cleveland area children's photographer

this is my niece, one of my favorite models, and my all time favorite Irish Dancer. She is truly amazing! I love going to all her dance competitions (people watching galore). Those moms get crazy. Honestly though, I love seeing these girls do their thing. I sit there in awe.

Even though I'm just starting this blog, I wanted to post some work I've done since I first started on this journey. These were some of my first shots with my camera, and a good reminder of how I will continuously learn and grow. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

dream it to reality

"To accomplish great things, 
we must not only act, but also dream; 
not only plan, but also believe.
-Anatole France

I have decided to act upon my dream and start a photography business. There I said it. 
Now it's time to believe in it and (as Nike once said),

I grew up with a camera in my hand. Now, that camera was a cheap point and shoot, 
but no matter, I have always LOVED to capture the moment. I grew up oo'ing and ah'ing at my grandma's "professional" oo-la-la type of camera.
Each visit, I'd sit for hours flipping through
her million and one photos, and realized then, pictures tell stories,
they are the key to yesterday's memories,
they make people smile.

grandma is artistic. (and a great let's have coffee and gossip partner).
when i think of grandma, i think of her with her camera.
she is one of my greatest inspirations.

Me on the other hand, not much the artsy type. Or so I always believed.
Growing up I always wanted to be president of a bank.
When I think of that today, ewwww, no thanks.
today, i embrace my artistic side,
and appreciate the bit I do have.

I've worn many hats and very diverse ones at that.
I graduated with a degree in finance (perfect for any bank president right?),
spent seven years in the business world. 
Business/sales = traveling mom = guilt = bye-bye business world. 
So I forged on to become a teacher. I loved teaching, loved my students.
I hated the politics.

Then Aiden was born. Aiden was my, I'm feeling old so let's have another baby child.
 I finally had a chance to take a year off to wear yet another hat, the "stay-at-home-mom" one. 
Then the news. Aiden was born profoundly deaf and staying home became a definite
so I could focus on his journey to hear and speak. 
and what a journey it has been.
(if you're interested, you can read about OUR JOURNEY)

That was almost four years ago and let me tell you, it's the hardest job I've ever had
YET the most rewarding. 
I've learned more about myself in the past four years than I have all my life. 
I learned life is definitely a journey full of hurdles, but nothing that can't be overcome with
faith, hope, and as my grandpa would say, some elbow grease.
 I learned I'm a care-taker, a giver, a writer (yep, at one time i despised writing), 
learned the importance to know the difference between quantity and quality.
 I learned I'm a perfectionist and this is not a good thing
and that 20-second hugs are AMAZING therapy, and free.
I've become an advocate for hearing loss,
am active in our state's different hearing loss organizations, and an active PTA member.
 Me in the pta! I was NEVER the PTA mom type. promise. never.
i learned that life is too short to waste worrying, 
and I try to live by the words "no regrets".

With a high schooler, a middle schooler, a preschooler, and economic times,
 I knew it was time to head back to work, but that I had needed something so
I could still be here for all my kids,
give back in someway, AND do something I loved.

So I put my resume together. and I sent it out. went on a couple interviews and realized, 
my heart is not in this going back to work for "the man" thing. 
 My father always told me, "Follow your heart". 
so that's what I'm doing.
no regrets.

In the past year I've had so much fun with my new "oo-la-la" camera (Canon Rebel T2i). 
I've researched, and read, and practiced, and found out just how much,
i LOVE photography.

not just taking a picture,

but capturing the beauty of the moment,
and the true essence of who the person is,
is simply amazing.