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Sunday, November 27, 2011

sweetness / columbus area children's photographer

let me set up this scene. i learned so much from this experience alone. it was my first time shooting a toddler/infant together. first in-home shoot where i had no clue what the lighting was like besides talking to mom on the phone. great windows for incoming light, but overcast day and i shoot strictly in natural light. here's what i learned:
  • practice more with shutter speed (a must when shooting any on-the-go toddler)
  • talk to mom/dad about if they mind moving around some things for more shooting flexibility.
  • slow down and the camera doesn't always need to be clicking away (nervousness?)
  • didn't have enough "stuff" to entertain toddler - bring more fun toys because every little one loves what you have more than what they have.
  • move, move, move. i should've shot more shots from more positions, because once i got home, i realized some of my best shots were when i was standing behind the couch and i felt i needed to be down on the floor with the kids the whole time. i should've stood back and watched from behind the scenes and i would've captured more natural play with their faces better lit by what light was coming through the window.
  • practice with backlight
  • sometimes drool on the face is ok (fourth picture down). i kept wondering if i should photoshop out the drool or not, but in the end figured, that's what babies do, they drool.

i had the hardest time getting a good shot of the two together. i loved how the older cutie was so into the iTouch and being behind my camera instead of in front of it. hence the reasoning of the iTouch in so many of the shots - again though, natural is best and to me, these are moments the parents can reflect back on and smile at the thought.

(the second picture down is my first play around with textures)

my first play with textures.

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