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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

photography projects/challenges

I'm jumping into a couple different photo challenges - to do just that - challenge myself in which I will learn and grow as a photographer. 

(disclaimer to self - I am going to do my best to enter every.single.week and have many ... or even a few ... shots to choose from for each challenge.)

I'm excited to see what creativeness I have hidden under all these "analytical/financial" layers of mine and what level I can take my photography passion to.

The first project is a weekly challenge hosted by I Heart Faces. I have been following them on Facebook for a bit now and am learning SO much, but even more so, I LOVE oooing and ahhhhing at everyone's amazing shots! They are so welcoming and I just love what they're all about.

The next project I'm taking a part in is, Let's Do 52! that is hosted by Paint the Moon. I have recently found this site and have fallen in love. The author of this site, Annie, is inspiring and encouraging to say the least. Every week there will be two categories to choose from in which to shoot. 

I'm taking the leap and stepping out of my comfort zone, yet in the same breath, it feels perfect and I'm in crazy about everything photography. I was going to start my own project and post a "daily snapshot", but these will actually give me good direction and themes to work on each week, without the stress of posting a picture a day. 

I will use this blog as my project journal and post the pictures I submit for each project (in their own post) along with lessons learned. 

I LOVE comments.  Positive comments make me {smile}; constructive feedback is very welcome too - in fact I want to learn from your comments; ugliness is not allowed and I'll go back to what my mom (and I'm sure your mom) taught me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say anything at all." {grin}. thank you.

I'm an aspiring photographer, I'm here 

to share. to learn. to enjoy

to smile.

oh, and to have fun.

hope you do too. 


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